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  • The SEG Summary Report which has been sent to the Corps by the GPA is posted here.

April 27, 2012

To SEG Interested Parties:

The participants at the Interim SEG meeting held on April 3 recommended that the next full SEG meeting take place on May 22.

that time, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers released the Final GRR and EIS for state, agency and public review and comment. The comment period on those documents ends at Noon on May 21, 2012. It is important that all interested parties take the opportunity to participate in this comment period, and we encourage you to do so. Comments should be mailed to:

US Army Corps of Engineers
7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22315-3860

As participants in the SEG process over the past thirteen plus years and more than 70 meetings, not to mention numerous committee meetings, each individual and organization involved has contributed to the improvement of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP). Your time, talents, insights, and interest through the years are appreciated. You will recognize that the final Corps documents include the SEG summary report and incorporate useful clarifications and significant project improvements that are directly responsive to comments that several of you submitted on the draft reports.
We have been advised by our attorneys that we should not host another SEG meeting.  The organizations of several SEG participants have either filed or are representing multiple challenges in court, and have listed other SEG participants as witnesses.  Therefore, we are unable to hold further SEG discussions.

Thank you again for your contributions.  We certainly appreciate all of the time and effort that you contributed towards the study process for the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.

James C. McCurry, Jr.
Director of Administration
Georgia Ports Authority

Recent Changes
  • The Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has posted on their website a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the SAVANNAH HARBOR EXPANSION PROJECT (02/15/12)

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Interim SEG meeting recommended reading
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Upcoming Milestones

Final draft mitigation plan complete


Draft GRR/EIS internal Corps technical review

6/10   - 11/10

Draft GRR and EIS public/agency review

11/10 -   1/11

External peer review of GRR and EIS

11/10 -   3/11

Public/agency comment resolution

1/11   -   3/11

External peer review comment resolution

1/11   -   3/11

Final GRR and EIS preparation

Spring 2011 - Spring 2012

Public and Agency review of Final Report

Spring 2012

Corps reviews Comments Summer 2012

Federal Agency Decisions

Summer 2012

Corps Record of Decision Fall 2012

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Harbor Expansion Project Background Information

Feasibility Study Report and Tier I EIS
GPA/USACE Memorandum of Understanding
GPA Public Meeting Information
Summary of Scientific Studies and Analyses
Water Resources Development Action of 1999
Chief's Report on Savannah Harbor Expansion Feasibility Study
Record of Decision
USACE Circular - Planning Civil Works Projects Under the Environmental Operating Principles
The Office of Management and Budget has proposed draft peer review standards for regulatory science.
Map of Savannah Harbor Channel
General Reevaluation Study Scoping Meeting Baseline Map
USACE Planning Guidance Notebook
Corps of Engineers Circular, EC 408 - Peer Review of Decision Documents
Corps of Engineers Circular, EC 409 - Planning in a Collaborative Environment
Council on Environmental Quality Guidance on Cumulative Effects

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General Reevaluation Study Information

USACE Notice of Intent
USACE Project Guidance Memorandum
Project Management Plan
General Information
Interagency Coordination
Modeling Information
Economic Analysis Information
Executive Management Group Meeting Information
Project alternatives screening - Executive Summary(3.2 Mb)     Full Document (3.96 Mb)
Study white papers
Dredge material disposal planning

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SEG Information

Meeting Agenda
Operating Guidelines, rev 2/10/09
General Information
Meeting Records
Meeting Information/Handouts
Interim SEG Meeting Reports
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SEG Committee Information
SEG Studies and Committees Matrix
Aquifer Committee
Beach Erosion Committee
Communications Committee
Dredging Committee
Economics Working Group Information
Fisheries/Aquatic Resources Committee
Modeling Technical Review Group
Operating Guidelines
Striped Bass
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Status of Analysis or Study Tasks
For a description of the scope of work, please refer to the Project Management Plan, Appendix H. Note that while the status may be listed as complete, any analysis may have to be reevaluated and revised if the parameters on which it was based are revised by modifications to the project alternatives. Such modifications could be caused by changes to USACE policy or procedures, modification of mitigation plan features, modification of the basic alternatives, or other factors. If such modifications occur, new analysis reports, if produced will be posted as soon as they are available. However, revised reports may not be produced. In this case, the results of the analyses will be included in the General Reevaluation Study Report or its Appendices (Engineering, Economic, and Real Estate) as well as in the Tier II EIS where appropriate. 
Task Status
Bank Stability Analysis Complete
Beach Erosion Study Complete
Chloride Distribution Evaluation Complete
Coastal Shoreline Impacts
CSS Georgia Archival Research
Dissolved Oxygen Impact Evaluation
Disposal Material Management Plan (DMMP) Update Complete
Dredged Material Usage Analysis Complete
Economic Analysis In Progress
Enhanced Fluid Dynamics Computer Code (EFDC) Development Complete
Water Quality Analysis Simulation  (WASP) Model Development Complete
Floridan Aquifer Supplemental Analysis Complete
HTRW Screening
Marsh Succession Model Development and Impact Evaluation Complete
Sedimentation Analysis Complete
Sediment Quality Analysis Complete
Shortnose Sturgeon Study Complete
Temporal and Spatial Distribution Study Complete
Tidal Wetlands Studies Complete
Hurricane surge impact
CSS Georgia site research
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Study Reports
1998 Aquifer Study Report
Preliminary Coastal Erosion Study Report
Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Monitoring of the Lower Savannah River Estuary, August 2 through October 9, 1999
Assessment of spawning sites and reproductive status of striped bass in the Savannah River estuary
Shortnose sturgeon field study
Spawning Aggregations of Sciaenid Species
Temporal and Spatial Distribution Study first year report - SCDNR
Temporal and Spatial Distribution Study final report - SCDNR
Temporal and Spatial Distribution Study first year report - GCFWRU
Temporal and Spatial Distribution Study final report - GCFWRU
Migration resources list
Beach Erosion Study  
Report of Literature Review - Migration of Juvenile American & Hickory Shad and Blueback Herring in the Savannah River
Modeling Field Data Report
Characterization of the Dissolved Oxygen Environment of the Lower Savannah River Estuary
Hydrodynamic & Salinity and Dissolved Oxygen Models Calibration Report    
The Dissolved Oxygen Improvement Analysis Report. (43 MB)
Final Dissolved Oxygen Injection Systems design report
The SHEP Oxygen Injection Design Report (with Appendices) (3.6MB)
EFDC Model Calibration Report
Hurricane surge impact modeling report
Modeling timeline
Ship Simulation Study
Floridan Aquifer Supplemental Analysis Report
Sedimentation Analysis Report
Ship Wake Analysis Report 
Coastal Erosion Final Report. (31 MB)
Predicting Freshwater and Oligohaline Tidal Marsh Vegetation Communities
Tidal Wetlands Resource Utilization Studies Report
Economic Analysis Information
Reoxygenation demonstration project (41MB)
LNG economics analysis report
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